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© 2021 Jirka Pfahl & Lachenmann Art FFM

NFT Art by Jirka Pfahl to be released by today

The work of Jirka Pfahl created for the exhibition >Nachwelt< is based on a script that generates images subject to predefined rules.
Jirka Pfahl sets up these rules in order to move as an agent within this generated art. He performs this in both the digital and analogue space.
Whereas he previously positioned his work at the back of the guidelines of a self-conceived logical programme and then implemented these manually in fragile works on paper, he now transports his observations within the variability of a surface into the blockchain - as NFT.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) now enable digital files to be written as originals to an Ethereum-based blockchain. This process makes it possible to identify a - precisely this - file, regardless of its copies circulating in the network now or in future. These digital assets are stored in the blockchain and this information in turn legitimises the buyer's ownership in the digital space.
Jirka Pfahl converts the interlinkage that exists in the hidden network of the computer into a visible form. Thus his works consist of folded forms that take up the entire picture surface like a net. In the constant repetition of individual forms and their reproducibility, they trigger thoughts about infinity. This work is meant to be representative of the achievements of technology, which would continue to exist even in a dystopian scenario without human existence. With the help of his works based on strict rules of order, Jirka Pfahl shows us that man, who is himself is characterized as finite, can create infinite objects and shapes. Alongside the rapid technical development, the human spirit and mind have changed as well. Critical thinking is more than ever part of the zeitgeist.

concept: Jirka Pfahl | credits: Programming and Realisation by Flow: Harshit Jaiswal, Dirk Pohlers, Bhrigu Kansra www.makemeflow.com


The exhibition >Nachwelt< at the Lachenmann Art Gallery in Frankfurt deals with the question of what remains of art and artistic existence in the hypothetical case of a dystopian event. In this scenario, we look into a future without human beings, but with all the artefacts they have left behind. This imaginary dystopia allows the visitor to look at human existence from a seeming distance and, through this, to understand and evaluate the present state of being anew. In the exhibition 'NACHWELT', four artists provide insights into their reflections on and artistic realisation of the thought game of a potential afterworld.
with works by Agnes Lammert, Franziska Klotz, Jirka Pfahl und Ronny Szillo

on Saturday, 17.07.2021 at 6 pm

Galerie Lachenmann Art
Hinter der Schönen Aussicht 9
60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

New opening hours:
Thursday 11 am - 8 pm ***NEW: Art after Work***
Friday + Saturday 11 am - 6 pm
JUL17 - OKT15 2021

We are extremely delighted to share this truly amazing news with our Flow fam. Flow together with Leipzig-based artist Jirka Pfahl will be exhibiting our NFT art pieces at the Lachenmann Art Gallery in Frankfurt, Germany. We are grateful for this collaboration with such a magnifique artist like Jirka Pfahl and for exhibiting at Germany's premier contemporary art gallery, Lachenmann Art, based in Frankfurt and Constance and led by the very inspiring Juliane Lachenmann and Steffen Lachenmann. This would not have manifested without the support of my kickass-talented team members, Dirk Pohlers and Bhrigu Kansra. Lastly, always grateful to my Flow fam, for being supportive of all the initiatives we take in our pursuit of decentralizing talent and opportunities: and this exhibition is one of the finest examples of cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary symbiosis.
(Posted on facebook, 15.07.2021 from Harshid Jaiswal & Bhrigu Kansra / Bangalore, India)

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